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Please click on the link above to the unified application to studies at the Luther Academy!



Online Applications for studies starting the Fall Semester of the Academic Year 2023/2024 are now open and will close on July 1 AD 2023. 

All who are interested and applicants are warmly invited to attend the Online Open Door Day, which will take place June 3 AD 2023, for which you may register HERE.


  • 50 EUR One-time cost of registration for studies (to be paid together with the first Semester study fee/Attendee participation fee)

  • 50 EUR Cost per 1 Academic Credit Point (CP) of study courses (Attendee status)

  • 500 EUR Study fee for one Semester (Theology and Ministry/Pastoral Colloquy program)

    • Additional library materials for up to around 250 EUR/Semester


If you are having any difficulty in filling out the Online Application form or have questions about studies at the Academy, feel free to contact us at and we will do our best to find a way forward in grace! 


After filling out and submitting the Online Application...


1) We will contact you and ask for

- Proof of identity (passport/ID card photo)

- An essay the length of around 1 A4 paper outlining your wish to study at the Luther Academy


2) We will then schedule a time for a Zoom interview with you, in order to:

- Get to know you

- Assess your level of English

- Discuss your choice of study courses and study intensity

- Discuss participation in and travel to Intensive Study Weeks

- Discuss study fees

- Discuss cooperation with your local church body/ecclesial superior

- Answer any questions you may have

3) We will inform you of the decision regarding admission to your chosen study program


If you have previous theological, non-theological or even practical experience that matches a study course in your curriculum, it is possible to apply for the formal recognition of the knowledge and skills attained in prior education or professional activity towards the fulfillment of a study course on offer at the Academy.

In order to do this, you must either

  1. indicate this in the interview following your Online Application;

  2. inform us of your wish to do so by sending an email to, with diploma+grade transcript* attached per each attained education from which you wish to transfer over Academic credit.  

You will also be required to pay a fee of 50 EUR per each diploma+grade transcript in order to have it officially recognized for enabling the transfer of Academic Credit. This will be asked upon a successful first evaluation of the potential for Academic Credit transfer towards study programs (courses) on offer at the Academy.

*Note that you may be required at some point to show the original diploma + grade transcript upon request.

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