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Within the good spirit of Academia, in addition to the organized educational tracks, the Academy offers the opportunity to take select study courses of interest out of a list of courses made available each Semester. Depending on whether there is an intention to be evaluated and receive academic credit for the course, a person taking select study courses can do so either in an Attendee or Auditor status.




Students wishing to take select study courses, submit assignments and receive full Academic Credit after their successful completion can do so through the Attendee status. An Attendee joins the study course as a full-time student - attending lessons, submitting work, and passing exams. A certificate is issued after successful completion of a course, which indicates the Academic Credit awarded that can afterward count towards a full degree that includes an equivalent or similar study course as the one taken. Taking a select course as an Attendee is subject to availability and a course fee of 50 EUR per 1 CP of course length.


This option of study is available in Latvian and English as of the Academic Year 2021/2022.

Applications to the study program can be made through the common ONLINE APPLICATION form.


Students wishing just to sit in at lectures of a specific course, but not submit any coursework or take an exam may do so by auditing a course. An Auditor does not receive Academic Credit for completing the course and there is no provision for the evaluation of any submitted work (including the exam), although such an arrangement can be made with the lecturer. Auditing a course is subject to availability and a donation and applications can be made by contacting the Academy directly.

Academic Year 2023/2024

Semester I

Study Course Offer

TH110 Academic Writing and Study Skills (2CP)

TH160 English for Theologians I (2CP)
TH200 Overview of the Bible (6CP)

TH210 Elementary Biblical Hebrew (6CP)
TH301 Reformation Church History (4CP)
TH400 Overview of Dogmatics (4CP)
TH500 Overview of Practical Theology (4CP)
TH521 Liturgics (4CP)​

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