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New English Study Stream

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

This Academic Year of 2021/2022 begins with the joyous news of the launch of the new English Stream of Studies, through which over 20 students from 12 countries are set to begin studying theology at the Luther Academy.

The students will begin studies in what is a new and much improved version of the study courses and their organisation, with the lessons of the Spring Semester English Courses Online providing a valuable learning experience. Much time and resources have been invested in the admission process through interviews, providing access to valuable library materials, streamlining and improving the balance of assignments and readings, as well as reducing the fragmentation of study courses, to name just a few. This is a new beginning for the whole Academy, and we are happy for the new English Class of 2021, who begin their studies as soon as the Academic Orientation Week begins on the 23rd of August.

We, at the Luther Academy take this opportunity to thank all who have been working to enable us to offer theological studies in English and supporting us with their expertise, their energy, their time and prayer. Especially, we would like to thank the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, whose lecturers and generous support, as well as on-the-ground information continues to be pivotal in many aspects of the program. But above all we praise God for His sustaining grace in Christ throughout the period leading up to this launch and His opening of doors and inspiring hearts to study, to teach, and to work - all to His eternal glory!

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